Bizen Pottery FUJIWARA Yu (1932-2001): Tokkuri with signed box.

Height: 11.9 cm (4.7 inches)

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Fujiwara Yu was the fourth Bizen potter to become a National Living Treasure when he received the accolade in 1996. His father was Fujiwara Kei, who had also been designated a NLT. Yu came to prominence in 1967 when he won the prestigious Japan Ceramic Society award and in 1980 he was designated an Intangible Cultural Property of Okayama Prefecture. The general consensus is that his work peaked in the 1970s and afterwards his output included much work that could best be described as mediocre. The image to the left comes from the leaflet included in the box with this tokkuri, which together with the box suggests that this tokkuri was made at the peak of his powers. Examples of Yus work can be found in museum collection not only in Japan but around the world.