Bizen Pottery Ė ISSO Koyama II: Vase with signed wooden box.

Height: 26.0 cm (10.25 inches)

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Isso Koyama II
is the son of the first Isso Koyama, who was one of the best saikumono (sculptural) Bizen potters of his generation. Isso Koyama II was born in 1932 and began potting with his father at an early age. However, when he was growing up a revival had begun in the production of Bizen wares for the tea ceremony, which had virtually died out at the beginning of the 20th century. He decided to follow this path rather than copy the work of his father but took his fatherís name and continued to use the family kiln, Isso kiln, along with his own son after his fatherís death in 1984. The box that the vase comes with does show signs of age but is structurally in good condition. The vase has the potterís incised signature on the base and a stamped cloth is also included.