Hagi Pottery – YAMANE Seigan: “Firefly” chawan.

Height: 7.6 cm (3.0 inches)     Diameter: 11.4 cm (4.5 inches)

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Yamane Seigan was born in Hagi-shi in 1952 and after leaving school studied karate, in which he is still an instructor. He began potting in 1987 and is largely self-taught. In 1990 when he had completed building his own kiln he submitted work and had it accepted for the annual Hagi ware exhibition in which he has exhibited ever since.

This teabowl exhibits one of Hagi’s traditional glaze techniques that is known as “Firefly”, as the spots seen in the first image are supposed to resemble fireflies dancing in the night sky.

There is no box with this teabowl but Yamane’s personal seal can be seen just outside the foot ring in the final image and it also comes with a leaflet in Japanese with information about the potter.