Mashiko Pottery – HAMADA Tomoo: Tawara vase with a signed wooden box.

Height: 17.1 cm (6.75 inches)   

  SOLD but to see pots that are available click HERE

Hamada Tomoo was born in Mashiko in 1967 and is the second son of Shinsaku and the grandson of Hamada Shoji. Tomoo states that he began potting at the age of three of his own free will, spending time in both his father’s and grandfather’s studios. It was in 1994 that he became a full time potter, sharing his father’s studio, and visited the Leach Pottery in St. Ives the following year. Tomoo has continued to develop as a potter and is much more daring in the use of unconventional shapes and overglaze decorations than his elders, as this vase demonstrates. It is unlike anything seen before in Mashiko and Mingei ceramics. In Japanese the word “tawara” used by Tomoo to describe this vase comes from Sumo and denotes the straw bales filled with earth that are placed in a circle on the dohyo, inside which the fighters must stay or lose the contest.

The vase comes with its own original wooden box, which has Tomoo’s seal and description of the vase on the inside of the lid.