Miscellaneous Pottery – HIGAKI Soraku II: Raku Chawan with signed wooden box.

Height: 7.9 cm (3.1 inches)    Diameter: 12.2 cm (4.8 inches)

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 Higaki Soraku was born in 1927 and is the second potter to have this name. Her husband had been the original Higaki Soraku and had gained a significant reputation, so that it was felt that the name should continue. Her kiln, Katsura-gama, in Kyoto was established by them both in 1955 and I believe it continues to this day. This chawan is in the condition it was when it left the kiln, as it doesn’t appear to have been used. It comes with the signed box and a cleaning cloth that is also stamped with a seal. From the colour of the box I imagine that the chawan is around 40 years old.