Seto Pottery KATO Sho: Ki-Seto chawan with incised signature and signed wooden box.

Height: 7.6 cm (3.0 inches) Diameter: 11.9 cm (4.7 inches)

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Kato Sho (1927-2001) was a major Seto potter, who received many awards during his lifetime, including being made an Intangible Cultural Property of Aichi Prefecture (the next level down from National Living Treasure) in 2000. His father was a potter and Sho san was taught by him before attending and graduating from the Tokyo University of Art. He made his national debut at the Nitten in 1961 and went on to win many prizes at such contests. He also held many solo exhibitions in the major venues throughout Japan as well as in the United States, New Zealand and Mexico.


Kato was especially known for his Ki-Seto (yellow Seto teabowls) and the incised decoration of butterflies seen here was something that he used on occasions.