Shigaraki Pottery – SHIBATA Takuro (b.1972): Chawan made in 2004

Height: 7.9 cm (3.1 inches)     Dimensions: 13.0 by 14.5 cm (5.1 by 5.7 inches)   

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Shibata Takuro began potting in 1996 when he moved to Shigaraki and set up his own studio and kiln there in 1999.This teabowl was made towards the end of 2004 before his move to the United States and has just been found in my stock after many years “in hiding”. It was made from typical Shigaraki clay that is high in quartz and you will note that I have included two small images of areas on the foot ring and the rim where a number of quartz crystals have come together during the firing. This has resulted in bursting, which a few may find off putting although many others will look upon as adding character to the bowl. Takuro has signed the chawan as well as marking it with his seal.